A man looks on as the love of God is poured out by the Hindu temple. 

A man looks on as the love of God is poured out by the Hindu temple. 

The discipleship school we were teaching at for the week was forced by threats from radical Hindus to meet secretly in a home. It was outreach day and, ironically, five of us found ourselves at one of the largest Hindu temples in this large Indian city. It wasn’t far from the house where we met in secret. Although the school has frequent outreach for the students, the Indians in our little group had never done this sort of thing before since they were just visiting the school. 

We saw a solitary sadhu sitting on the curb so we approached him to see if he needed healing for anything. He was mostly deaf and didn’t speak hindi or english, so it was difficult to communicate clearly; but we prayed for him. Afterwards, I looked up and, observing a circle of Indian men around us, announced that God had sent us to that temple because He loved the people there and wanted to heal them. One of the temple guards came forward, saying he had pain. He was instantly healed and was so excited about it that he ran and began bringing people to us who needed healing. People from the street swarmed around us, creating a crowd so large that it stretched out from the temple wall into the road.

For approximately the next three hours, countless people were healed instantly. The men came to the pastor and I, and the women went to Laci and the other two women. We would joyfully announce every few minutes that, “Every time somebody is healed, it is a sign to you that Jesus loves you!” and preach a simple Gospel. For hours men and women were being instantly healed of all kinds of things. One man had his cataracts removed, another woman was delivered of demons that were keeping her from being able to touch the ones she loved. Some people were even calling their friends and family to come see what was happening and receive healing. The name of Jesus was being exalted above every other god!

I lifted my gaze from those immediately in front of us and saw a mass of dotted faces earnestly staring at us, pressing in to be healed. A man from the street was forming them into lines. If we tried to lay hands on each one, we would be there until night! I stepped up to the tall curb. “If you need healing in your body,” I called out, “raise your hand.” Many hands went up. “Hold your hands out in front of you. We are going to release healing over you and Jesus will come and heal you!” The crowd collectively held their hands out and we stretched our hands toward them. “In the name of Jesus Christ, be healed! All pain leave now, all sickness leave now!” They began moving their bodies, discovering how Jesus healed them. Smiling faces began happily wobbling from side to side in appreciation. Many hands immediately went up testifying to their healing. We preached the gospel again, declaring removal of sin and friendship with God through Jesus’ work on the cross. Again we exalted Him above every other god, saying that He is the only one that loves them and is the only one with the power to take away sin, then lead the people in prayer of salvation. It looked as though almost as many as had been healed also received salvation! ! The people kept asking if we would come back the next day, so we did. We came to that temple for three consecutive days, with what we estimate to be hundreds of people being healed, saved, and delivered. Crowds came each time, hungry for Jesus and what He brings. The sick were being brought to us from as far away as 60 kilometers. Bless God!