An elderly gentleman was begging for money on the street outside a hotel. He was stooped over, his whole body stiff and bent. His knees were swollen up like large grapefruits, so he walked with a good deal of difficulty. When we laid hands on him, Jesus touched him. His knees shrunk down to become like mine and his legs straightened out! All the pain left his knees and back, and his posture straightened to that of a healthy young man. He now walked with no limp, standing up straight and able to move as he should. A small crowd of roughly twenty people, primarily of a major unreached people group, had gathered by this point. Many of them were interviewing the old man, asking what had happened. He emphatically retold his healing over and over. Those asking the questions would then come to us and ask for prayer. Many people were immediately healed as men and women filtered in and out of the crowd. We explained the Gospel of Jesus and they happily nodded their heads. One senior buddhist lama had been watching all of this happen from the beginning, constantly interviewing those being healed and watching us carefully. Finally he came forward, saying he wanted healing for his ankle. Jesus touched him and all the pain left! We estimate that around 15-20 people were healed in that time, and at least as many heard about Jesus for the first time.