Many people with blind or partially blind eyes regained their sight after prayer! One blind woman came for prayer. Laci laid hands on her and the woman fell under the power of Holy Spirit. When she got up, she could see clearly! Another woman who could barely see Laci standing two feet in front of her, after prayer, could see perfectly. Many of those with deafness were also healed. One man was deaf and blind. Joel laid hands on him and said, “In Jesus’ name be healed. Eyes open and ears open.” He was completely healed that instant! One woman was deaf in both ears. Joel had some surrounding Indian women lay hands on her and both her ears opened. Laci prayed for a woman who was deaf in one ear. She laid hands on her and said, “I release the power and love of Jesus to fill your body right now.” When she said that, the girl fell out under the power of God. When she got up, her ear was open! What an astounding God!