Laci had prayed for a woman that pain would leave her legs and ankle. The woman ended up encountering Jesus radically at the time, as Jesus came and stood in front of her. Laci sent her home and had told her that God was going to encounter her and heal her body Himself. This past week, we revisited that same fellowship and the woman came up to Laci and said she had never been the same since that night. Apparently, after she went home that night, God took her into a long trance where she shook on the floor for almost half an hour- she had never experienced anything like that before. Every night she had to wear shin braces to sleep because of the problems with her legs. But, a couple nights after her trance experience, she felt that God said she didn’t have to wear them anymore. As she lay in bed, she felt electricity shoot through her body and the pain left her legs that night. Months later, she is still completely pain-free and sleeping without braces- for the first time in years! 

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