We held an open-air crusade in downtown Tijuana on a Friday night. Our friend Naomi and I led the event, with others preaching briefly, giving testimonies, and singing songs. God moved in incredible ways! Some of the Mexicans were laid out under power of God right there on the concrete. Uncounted numbers of people were divinely healed of a wide variety of conditions, as well as many others who received Jesus as their Lord and Savior that night. One man literally ran to the front after hearing the Gospel preached. He waved both arms emphatically in his desperation to receive Jesus, weeping openly, then began jumping and pounding the pavement in the ecstasy of his salvation. After that moment, they prayed for him to be filled with the Spirit of God. He crumbled in the weight of His glory, weeping with his face to the pavement. Later on he came to the stage to share his testimony. Never having believed in Jesus before, he had been on his way to work, heard the Gospel, and felt “Something amazing, something like the embrace of a good Father.” Many people encountered this Father that night. Prostitutes, drug addicts, drug lords, murderers, thieves, and satanists heard the Good News that God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself!