At a rest stop going onto the mountains we met a sweet elderly widow who was selling snacks. We didn’t need any snacks but we asked if she had pain. She did, and pointed to her legs. After prayer, the pain completely left! After receiving that healing, she said one ear was completely deaf since she was a child and the other ear had a busted ear drum and could only hear through a hearing aid. We laid hands on her ears and the deaf one quickly became better than the busted one! We laid hands again and she was able to hear through both ears without hearing aids at all. The first thing she heard with her newly restored ability was the good news of Jesus Christ. She wept as she found out that Jesus gives healing and salvation for free. She asked Jesus into her heart and learned how to pray, eager to know His name so she could pray to Him herself. Afterwards we bought all of her snacks and she was laughing, filled with joy.