Laura, a 16-year-old high school student, attended the ministry school for the week that we were teaching. She had just been saved for a couple months because of a dream that God gave her. She attended the meetings and went out with us to do street outreach, but kept telling us how much she wanted God to use her supernaturally.  On the final day of the conference we set up a fire-tunnel to release the joyful Presence of the Holy Spirit over the students.  When Laura went through, she started trembling and crying, and fell out in a trance for over an hour, as God was ministering to her powerfully.

When she was able to get up, she went and asked Joel, still trembling, "What is happening to me?!" Joel replied, "This is Holy Spirit! He's changing your life! You don't have to understand it, just say 'yes' and ask for more." He laid hands on her and she began to experience more of God's power and presence. While this was happening, a woman approached and asked for prayer for her back. She had been hit by a car and was in a lot  of pain, daily. Joel told Laura, "Lay your hands on her back." But Laura was afraid and said, "No, nothing ever happens when I pray." Joel just laughed and told her to do it. Instantly, the woman was completely healed. Laura was amazed. 

Later that night, she asked God to give her the gift of tongues. The next morning, she herself up speaking in another language. She quickly googled what she was saying and found out she was praying The Lord's Prayer in Italian! God had answered her prayer while she slept!

Later that week, after our team left Germany, we received an email from Laura saying: “...I sat with some friends in the train.  Suddenly I had a vision of a woman who cut her finger.  So I asked God what he wants to tell me.  He showed me a picture of my purse and the second compartment of the train. When I opened my purse I immediately saw a bandaid. I don’t know how it got there! So I went into the second compartment and I found the woman with a cut finger sitting there. I gave her the bandaid. I asked her: "Can I pray for you?"  She told me that she had pain in her knee.  After I prayed for her she began to cry and told me that the pain was completely gone! And I was like WOW!!!  All people in the train saw this and I don't know what my friends thought about it all because they aren't christians. But it was just amazing!!!! God is so good."


Laura has been radically touched and launched into a supernatural lifestyle that is continuing!  We regularly hear from her that God is continuing to move in her life and touch people around her.