Recently our entire team was invited by the groom and his family to have a healing meeting at the reception of his wedding. Many of the guests attending were not Christians and some had never heard of Jesus before. At the beginning of the reception, we began to foster an atmosphere of God's presence by playing a few worship songs. After that, Joel began to share about God's love and the finished work of the cross. We then started to call out words of knowledge for pain in people's bodies and many came forward for prayer.  A woman with very bad eyesight had her eyes instantly clear up after we laid hands on her.  After experiencing God's love and power in her healing, she gave her life to Him! A man with back pain and restricted mobility came forward for prayer and he was completely, instantly healed. He also, after encountering Holy Spirit in this way, gave his life to Jesus.  While simply overhearing the events from the stage, a server at the reception heard a word of knowledge called out for his physical ailment. He had a local believer nearby pray for him and he was completely healed! Many miracles, salvations, and encounters with the love of God happened at the reception of this couple's wedding. How fitting for God to choose a marriage celebration to illustrate his heart for his bride.