While in a closed and very sensitive area, where gathering crowds and sharing the Gospel is illegal, we went with a team for one week to see what Papa wanted to do there. One day, we went to a large local market. While browsing stalls with colored scarves, pungent spices, dried fruit and nuts, etc. a small crowd of women gathered around Laci and Anchor, mesmerized by all 10lbs of his 6-week-old blonde and blue-eyed self. Seizing the opportunity, Laci had a word of knowledge for a woman with an ache in her body. Through multiple translators, the woman agreed to be healed. Laci and another foreigner friend laid hands on the woman and she was completely healed instantly! Her immediate healing started a chain reaction and, before we knew it, there was a large crowd gathered around, receiving healing and hearing about Jesus for possibly the first time ever in this predominantly islamic region. Other miracles from this crowd: deaf ears opening, pain in backs and knees instantly healed, eyesight restored. Other muslims were even tracking us down in another part of the city looking for healing! 

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