Our team was invited by our good friends in Phuket to go to a neighboring province and equip the saints in the supernatural at a small country church. While there, we met a couple who used to be Muslims.  At the end of the service, we had a time of ministry. During this time, the man was healed of years of leg pain instantly. He was blown away! Another man in the church was unable to move his leg and was also in great pain, so the first man prayed and released the miracle he had just received to the man. Immediately, the other man was healed! In the same meeting, there was a man who was completely blind. The former muslim laid hands on him with some others and wept as the blind man began to see again! He was greatly encouraged that God moves in power and wants to use him to release it to others. Later that week, this couple went to a mosque to share about Jesus. While there, they met an elder who was crippled. They prayed for him in the name of Jesus and left. The next day, the elder's grandson called: “My grandfather is healed! He is walking all around the house. What power is this that you have?!” They were able to share with him the love of Jesus and speak into his life. Praise God!