Some students from our weekly Revival Academy were going to hospital to heal the sick each week after class. One week, they approached a young Buddhist man who had been hospitalized for five years from a motorcycle accident. He was unable to speak, and bedridden with great pain. They asked if they could pray for him, and he hand wrote a response, "Not without my mother's permission." They respectfully left. The next week they prayed for clues for who God wanted them to minister to and he led them to a woman. She was immediately healed of pain in her body and was so amazed, she begged them to come pray for her son. She brought them to the same young man from the previous week, saying, "Son, I want these people to pray for you!" Of course, he let them this time. His pain left, and his ability to speak returned! They shared the Gospel with him and he happily gave his life to Jesus. He was still in the hospital, but without pain and able to speak. Each week they met with him and had mini church services in his hospital room, discipling him and encountering God together. After a few weeks, they found out that he'd been praying for other patients who were being healed and sent home! He was also using his freshly restored ability to speak to share the Gospel with them.