On the banks of a river that millions, even billions of people have falsely venerated as the sight of purification of sin and the point of access to nirvana, the ultimate escape from suffering in this life, the Spirit of Christ moved. He is God, stepping off the front porch to embrace the prodigal son who will come close enough. We went down to the banks of the river where many people were ritually bathing, attempting to rid themselves of the stain of sin in hopes of a better future life and maybe even complete release from the endless cycle of suffering and reincarnation they believed themselves to be trapped in. Our path took us to a man seated on the steps who clearly had pain in his legs. He reluctantly agreed to receive prayer. We laid hands in the name of Jesus and soon he began to feel better. Onlookers gathered around, gradually becoming more impressed with the power that we apparently possessed. Soon one after another lined up for healing for hurt backs, knees, digestive illnesses, poor eyesight and all manner of ailments. Virtually every single one of them, approximately twenty people, happily exclaimed they were healed! We explained that this power was from Jesus, the Most High God who also had the only power to forgive and remove sin. Having just experienced His power over sickness, many of them seemed excitedly accepting of His power over sin as well. For days the word spread through the city and a good number of people came to find our friend who is serving the Lord there. A great light is growing in the darkness.