We found ourselves in a park that is widely believed to be the place where a well-known religious figure of a different faith gave his first sermon that sparked a movement that has continued and evolved to this day. As we walked we came upon a group of women who were sitting in the grass with their children. I sensed the Holy Spirit say that one of them had stomach problems. When I asked, they bluntly said they did not. I felt quite certain of what I heard, so I explained, "You see, the reason I ask is because God told that one of you had stomach problems." One of the women smartly shot back, "If he told you that, he can tell you which one of us it is!" Fair enough. I scanned the group and the Holy Spirit pointed out one the women. "It's you," I said plainly. With an open mouth she nodded her head. "And you have neck problems," I turned to the sassy lady who had challenged us. She nodded soberly as well. At this point they readily let us pray for them. Both felt the pain disappear at the name of Jesus. At this point many men gathered around to see what was happening and the crowd swelled. A good number of people were healed and delivered of demons as we prayed in the mighty name of Jesus. One young man began to swoon as the presence of the Lord came over him. "Do you have some spiritual resource so that I can invite Jesus into my heart?" He asked in earnest. We replied that we could help him with that and seven or so other young men leaned in, listening as we communicated what Jesus had done on the cross. The group of them prayed and invited Jesus into their hearts, trusting Him to remove their sin. The first young man spoke up, eyes shining with the light of eternal life, "This is the first time I have seen the power of the Lord Jesus. This is the most wonderful day of my life since birth!" They exchanged contact info with our local friends, asking how we can help them to continue to follow Jesus. It moved me how they asked us how they can receive Jesus and also how they can grow and continue to follow Jesus. He truly is the Desire of the Nations.